domingo, 15 de abril de 2012

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Paroles de dev’ #1


No fanart weekly post this week! But don’t worry, it’ll be back next Wednesday.

We’d like to introduce a new regular post thay may interest you: paroles de dev’ (= dev talks). We’ll try to explain our plans, our desires and what we’re working on. Some of our plans/projects might not see the light of day but we thought sharing them with you could be interesting.

Let’s start!


  • As you may now perfectly know, we’ll introduce fraises (micro-payment) really soon and I’m pretty sure you’re wondering why they aren’t released yet. We told you that you’d be able to purchase some fraises only via paypal at the beginning and many young players seemed sad because they wouldn’t be able to purchase anything. You don’t have to worry anymore: you’ll also be able to purchase some fraises with your mobile thanks to Zong!
  • Micro-payment will be released during May (we can’t be more precise at the moment) and there will be a beta phase before the final release!
  • Melibellule also almost finished to prepare every item and here is an other example of personalized items. You’ll be able to personalize your item in exchange for some fraises.
  • Due to the addition of SMS payment, we weren’t able to create a new easter event.

(Personalized items)

New interfaces:

  • Tigrounette would like to change the game interfaces soon. For example, he’d like to do a better chat interface with some better tabs.
  • He’d also like to redo the tribe window with some new functionalities, more rights, a scrollable welcome message and maybe a future tribe emblem! *-*


  • We also have some plans for the map editor. We’d like to make it more understandable and easy to use for everybody thanks to small changes: you could be able to change the Z value without clicking like crazy on + and – for example.We’ll also try to change the highlight system and add a new selection tool to allow you to select several grounds at the same time!


  • The shaman hasn’t changed for two years now, so we think it’s time to improve it! We don’t know what we want exactly, but we’d like to offer you the possibility to specialize your shaman.

Japan Expo:

  • It’s now official! Atelier 801 will take part of the Japan Expo event! For those who don’t know this event, it’s a famous convention based on Japanese popular culture (including mangas, anime, and video games) but that has been now expanded to include some other culture in Paris.
  • For this particular event, Loukno and Melibellule are preparing some awesome goodies such as a plushies, T-shirt and buttons.

(plushies *-*)

Transformice’s little brother:

  • Even if Tigrounette doesn’t code anything for the future game, Melibellule is doing some graphic research for it! The game will be more player vs player based, and will feature humans as main characters.













Version 1.36 – Easter Event


Easter – Pâques – Páscoa – Пасха

Pascua – Paskalya – Påske

You can share your thoughts about it HERE.

New login!


When the cat’s away, the mice will play (version 2)


When Tigrounette isn’t around, we can become a bit scatterbrained at the office! Melibellule even tried to turn herself into a mouse and had surgery to get new ears.

(All credits for this pro picture belongs to Sydoline.)

Transformice art #9


Any luck during this April Fool’s event? Apparently Plusle and Vulli found some new hats and wanted to share the news with the other mice!









Client Patch


Client Patch: You need to reload the game to see the changes. It’s not an update.

New map interface and new icons!

Players can know see the @code next to the author’s name!
New P0 icon! The dice symbolize the randomness of seeing it played.
New bootcamp icon!
New vanilla icon!